We care about music and musicians, we want everyone to be put in a position to give their best. We want to help teachers and students by identifying serious and reliable programs for each level of study, clear educational objectives and calibrated over time according to the potential of each.


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"A more musical citizen will not only sing better: he will be able to choose carefully what to listen to, the words to use, the places to live and meet; he will have more confidence in himself and in his own creative and professional abilities, he will be less afraid of the other, of those who give us the most precious thing they have, their difference. The presence of music in the school, in forms and ways appropriate to the different age groups, represents an important step for the realization of that "école de la mixité" of which is now spoken throughout Europe, a place where races, cultures, religions, sounds and knowledge can happily meet. A school where artists and their works finally enter, a school where you learn to read, write, of account and singing ".

Luigi Berlinguer



To encourage the dissemination of good educational, artistic and professional practices in the music field


To give concrete motivation to continue musical studies through really achievable short and medium-term goals, limiting early school leaving that concerns SMIM, high schools and private individuals


To bridge the gap between school programs and those of the Conservatory


To encourage the study of music and the desire of many to continue their studies at the Conservatory

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